INOUE Masaru

Teaching Staff (Liberal Arts Core)

Title Professor
Research Fields Eastern art history
Doctoral course (Art History – completed without degree), Waseda University
Study abroad (Archeology), Peking University, China
M.A. (Art History), Waseda University
Bachelor’s (Letters, Arts and Sciences I [History]), Waseda University
Selected Professional Experience
Associate Professor (2013-2020); Professor (2020-Present), Akita University of Art
Lecturer (2004-2007); Associate Professor (2007-2013), Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts
Selected Bibliography
Kijiru sekkutsu voruto tenjo hekiga ni okeru tenku no hyogen [Expressions of the celestial in the ceiling paintings of the Kizil Caves]. Ajia Bukkyo bijutsu ronshu / Chuo Ajia I [Buddhist art of Asia: Central Asia (I)]. Chuokouronbijyutsu
Kijiru sekkutsu hekiga no kishinsha-zo to chou Ajia no fukushoku ni tsuite [On donor figures in the Kizil Cave Murals and the fashion of Central Asia]. Bulletin of the Hirayama Ikuo Silk Road Museum, 2
Gime Bijutsukan-zou / Kijiru sekkutsu hekiga dampen no gen’ichi to sono zuzo-teki igi [The original placement of the Kizil Cave Mural fragments in the Guimet Museum, and its iconic significance]. Akita University of Art Faculty Research Bulletin 2013, pp.1-10. Akita University of Art
Kijiru sekkutsu Butsudenzu hekiga ‘Badorika no tsugii’ no zuzo-teki mondai [The Kizil Cave Murals and the iconic problem of ‘Badrika’s accession’]. Ohashi Katsuaki hakushi koki kinen bijutsushi ronshu [Essays on Art History in Honor of Katsuaki Ohashi’s 70th Birthday]. Chuokoronbijutsu
Shosoin no kasen to Tenpyo no kyutei kukan [The carpets of the Shosoin and imperial court spaces in the Tempyo era]. Faculty Research Bulletin 14. Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts
Hiten ni tomonau ryuun no zuzo-teki haikei [Iconic background of flowing clouds accompanying ‘hiten’]. The Journal of Japanese Religious and Cultural History, 22
Courses Taught Art and Architecture of the Tohoku Region
Art Theory and Art History
History of Eastern Art
History of Japanese Sculpture
Iconography of the Silk Road 1, 2
Art Tour
Museum Collections
Curation Practicum
Environment and Ecology

Further details (in Japanese) can be found at the following link: INOUE Masaru (Japanese page)