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Akibi: Rising to the challenge

Akita University of Art (“Akibi”) transitioned from junior college to 4-year university in 2013. We are already nearing the 10th anniversary of this transition. Having added both a Master’s program and Doctoral program over the past few years, we have managed to transform our young institution into an integrated education and research system.

From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, students from all parts of Japan come to join our undergraduate program; our graduate school also includes several international students. This diversity of contextual and cultural backgrounds encourages our students to both challenge and learn from one another.

What sets Akita University of Art apart from other art schools in Japan is its unique curriculum, whereby students begin by studying a wide range of subjects and genres before choosing their specialty. With an emphasis on social contribution and regional development, students learn about the history and culture of Akita, and incorporate this knowledge and experience into their artwork.

Contemporary art is not always simple to grasp, but looking back on the long history of art, you can see how the artwork of the present day has been informed by the various movements and modes of expression of the past, from prehistoric cave paintings to the religious art of the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance to the rise of the Impressionists. At AUA we place you at the leading edge of the contemporary art world, and give you a chance to spread your creative wings through new artistic expressions that transcend genre boundaries.

The global fight against COVID-19 has continued for over a year now, but I believe this is a challenge that humanity will overcome. The pandemic has forced the art world to adapt as well, with online activities and events replacing in-person exhibitions. It has also shown me the creativity that distinguishes and defines the human spirit.

I look forward to seeing our new and current students grow into artists who can share their talents and knowledge with the global community.

Akita University of Art
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